Info on Prints

Information and examples on prints

Printed on premium photo paper Silk from Fujifilm (246 g/m²). This premium paper has a clear sublime structure and makes the colors stand out.

  • Print only: 30x45cm:          1000 NOK (€100)
  • Print only: 40x60cm:          1500 NOK (€150)
  • Framed Print 30x45cm:     2000 NOK (€200)
  • Framed Print: 40x60cm:    2500 NOK (€250)

Print only, the photo will then be aligned in the middle of the paper to fit framed pictures with passepartout. If you want the photo printed from edge to edge without passepartout adjustment. It can be arranged, just comment on this in the message below. 

Framed Print, the photo will come in a black wooded frame with passepartout.

All orders include free domestic shipping in Norway. Prints are shipped in a cardboard box from Cewe. 

No shipping outside Norway. If you want to order outside Norway, send in an order and we can discuss if it's a possibility.

Order of payment will be sent out after you've sent the order (Vipps or Bank transfer).

*Ordre kan også sendes inn på norsk

Order can be made at the bottom of this page.

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Print only: 30x45cm
Print only: 40x60cm
Framed Print: 30x45cm
Framed Print: 40x60cm